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Book now for...

Swing Era vocal masterclasses

Bespoke school performances

Personalised vocal coaching

Individual singing lessons

by calling William Saunders on 07765 258806

or email



Book a 1-2-1 session with Matt, one of the most highly-regarded swing artists in the world

Would you like to...​

Become a confident singer

Increase strength, power and range

Improve tone and control

Work on stylistic expression

Develop emotion and delivery in songs

Prepare for an audition, recording session or singing exam

These can be delivered in your institution or online. There is a discount for multiple lessons in one venue, as well as repeat business.

COST = £P.O.A.



This is a two hour group session in which students receive guidance and tuition on  the stylistic approaches to performing the songs of the swing and big band era, focusing on lyrics, melody, emotional content, connection with the audience, body language and movement, and dynamics.

Matt also brings a fantastic jazz pianist along to accompany the masterclass


COST = £P.O.A.



Workshops are all about active listening and participation. The highlight is when pupils perform, with Matt, in front of their peers, teachers and parents.

Matt also brings his stunning jazz pianist along too!

COST = £P.O.A. for a two hour workshop and a short 30 minute performance



Now we're talking! This is what Matt loves best - quality time with like minded musicians, working on the intricate detail of performance. All finished off with an evening concert with your jazz / big band.

Matt will even bring along his brilliant accompanist to the workshop if required

COST = £P.O.A. for a two hour workshop and an evening concert (two 50 minute slots)



So you really want to go to town? Then don't just ask Matt to visit your institution, get three other world renowned jazz musicians to join him! During the two hour workshop the pros will take sectionals with your band, working on stylistic details that only the top musicians can teach. They will also run the band rehearsal preparing them for the evening concert.


COST = Matt PLUS three jazz musicians PLUS an evening concert (two 50 minute sets) £P.O.A

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